The Supreme Court is being looked upon as the last saviour to save the nation and citizens from all brazen practices and deficiencies that were thrust upon on the society under disguise. The opportunity to weed out criminals from politics was at the portals of Supreme law dispensing institution. It just got wasted as the wisemen in their robes felt otherwise and lobbed the opportunity at the doorsteps of Supreme law manufacturing institution.

Unfortunately, the fate of unholy nexus that was expected to be decided fairly will now find its way to be more legalized. Now the Supreme Court would be long remembered in the annals of history for not decriminalizing politics.

This will further embolden a large uneducated, semi-educated and supposedly educated class that idolizes politicians. In fact, they aspire to be politicians with the same attitude–misusing of power for political and personal gains, subjugating laws to gain robinhood image, accumulating & displaying wealth and patronizing goons for vote politics. At the bottom of pyramid the local village, block and panchayat level politician is the most feared one because from here he begins to wield the power for the benefit of his mentors to facilitate his own rise.

Some of these local leaders then reach the level above at the municipal level after they learnt the art of subjugating law and rules for monetary gains and acquiring clout. By this time most of these leaders would also have some cases registered against themselves. And, at Assembly level and thereafter at parliamentary level these politicians turn sophisticated, wealthy and powerful. Barring a few legacy politicians or cadre politicians, most of them rise through dark lanes of dirty politics.

Now the Supreme Court in its verdict has asked these politicians to weed out their own fellow criminal friends. When the crime and politics are entwined expecting the politicians to cut the umbilical cord is far-fetched.

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