By Alok Verma

The Prime Minister on April 30th defined his government’s concept of ‘New India’ is that instead of ‘VIP’, more importance should be given to the ‘EPI’. Every Person is Important.

Just after over 60 days UP Government comes out with an order issued by Additional Chief Secretary Sadakant for the restoration of VIP culture starting with toll plaza gates.

MLAs, MLCs and MPs are never ‘aam admi’ after being elected by ‘aam admis’. Now since they are elected representatives of  ‘aam admi’ how can they remain in that category. They must now move up to the VIP category.

#NarendraModi in his most sincere move though banned the use of red beacons to strike down one of the symbols of VIP culture, he has not succeeded in replacing the mindset of his own party’s elected representatives with the concept of “Every Person is Important” (EPI).

It is so apparent and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a sense of it when he referred that there is an atmosphere of hatred for the VIP culture in the country but he also knew when he said that red beckons may have gone but it will take long to get rid of the VIP culture from the mindset also.

How true he was in his estimation. PM’s own State from where he is elected, has brought back the VIP culture through official notification that all toll plazas in UP will provide VIP excess to the vehicles of MLAs, MLCs and MP’s and their crony’s cavalcade.

Even on Lucknow roads for the commuters  the CM may have changed from being #AkhileshYadav to #YogiAdityanath but the holding up of traffic continues for long so that the convoy of at least 12 vehicles in the CM cavalcade could pass without hassle, no matter whether the aam commuter has any urgency. Probably,  the  ‘Aam’ commuter does not contribute anything to national economy and neither does he do any important job because he is ‘aam admi’

The Prime Minister must do some offline conversation with #UPCM Yogi Aditynath.

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