By Alok Verma

Finally, the NSA level talks called off. It is not surprising. Even the two countries perhaps knew it well from the word go knowing their respective positions. with the call off hopefully some sanity may also return into the political discourse which had vitiated the atmosphere so much that it almost looked like as if the talks are not taking between the two nations but between the BJP and Pakistan.

The Congress party which found the NDA government floundering over holding talks with Pakistan must have come to peace with the tough stand that the Modi government took by leaving no space for any ambiguity. 

After watching and listening to spokespersons of the Congress, NCP and National Conference for many days across media one wondered whether their respective parties have begun to recognize Huriyat Conference as a group of nationalists from being Separatists . I think it is important in a political discourse that the national political parties must explain to the entire country if there is a change in the stance over the issue of Kashmir viz a viz stand of Huriyat Conference.

Kashmir issue does not belong to any political party but to the nation. The people of Kashmir may have legitimate points of views but time and again it has been maintained by various governments at the Centre led by many political parties that the issue will be settled within the framework of the Indian Constitution. The Government of India also maintained  and recognized that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

But sudden the love being exhibited by the same parties who while in office minced no words in calling Huriyat as Separatists and did not shy away putting them under house arrest them on several times when occasion demanded. The same set of politicians belonging to National Conference and the Congress are tweeting and lending their vocal support to Huriyat as true representatives of Kashmir. This is reprehensible. It is understandable that the Congress having its antipathy towards the BJP and Narendra Modi it would not leave any opportunity to embarrass them. One may not question so long the fight between the Congress and the BJP is about domestic politics. But to embarrass Narendra Modi and the BJP even at the expense of strengthening Pakistan’s arguments in favour of Huriyat leaders on the issue of as sensitive as Kashmir is outrightly objectionable and uncalled for.

Not long ago Omar Abdullah as the Chief Minister of Jammu Kasmir was not so kind towards Huriyat leaders’position on the issue of Kashmir. The same Huriyat which he is try to cajole ripped him apart for his handling of floods in Kashmir. The same ISIS flags and Pakistan flags when were unfurled while he was Chief Minister and the Congress party was at the Center Omar Abdullah shrugged off those incidents as non-serious. during his rule in J&Kabecause it helps the Congress and the National Conference in domestic politics This kind of opportunism is despicable just because these parties have antipathy towards the BJP and Narendra take in view of the fact that Most of the countries have also a new policy I was amazed to see the solidarity of theirs with Huriyat Conference cause. While in power the Huriyat Conference was untouchable to Omar Abdullah and also the Congress respectively.
But compulsions of domestic politics and stated antipathy towards Narendra Modi can make these political parties to go to the extent of ignoring national interest position and blatantly castigating Indian interests over Pakistan, has unnerved me quite deeply.
In the interest of peace to prevail on both sides couldn’t Huriyat Conference think of giving a miss meeting Pakistan envoy this time for a change? Because by meeting or not meeting the Pak envoy it would not have reduced the existence of Huriyat Conference in the valley. Or do they think otherwise?
We are so radically politically divided that we don’t need outside elements to pull down utmost national interests as we ourselves so capable of doing it so well if it gives an edge to settle domestic political scores. Where will it end?

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