By Alok Verma

The Prime Minister in his roaring voice stated the truth from the ramparts of Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day. The truth reaffirmed by him is that the country is infected by ‘corruption’. He equated the disease of corruption with termite. He said that every square inch is infested with the corruption and its like the home of termites. Who #NarendraModi was referring to as termite? He was referring to lower bureaucracy as termite, which is omnipresent. However, he couldn’t also display enough courage in his oratory to call them by name. 

Every citizen of this country suffers at the hands of these persons as they are the first level contacts in every public service office. Can anyone get their work done without becoming victim of their extortion. Impossible. Yet the #PrimeMinisterofIndia,who is aware of this open truth, has so far not been able to contain this extortion.

Why are people of India  getting frustrated with Modi? Because nothing has changed dynamically much on the grounds. Extortion continues unabated. The high  hopes that the common man had from the new dispensation after the corrupt rule of UPA II, are getting slowly dissipated to take a form of anger and helplessness.

If the PMO wants to experience some form or corruption the the bottom of governance, he should one day sit in an auto rickshaw in his own constituency #Varanasi. He must go across the city…… surely in disguise. He would know that how much an auto rickshaw wala has to shell out to a constable standing on every road like a robber. He has to pay from his hard earned money else he will have to sit in the police station on some false charges. There are 60000 autos plying in Varanasi on the road and each auto in a day parts with about Rs 200 daily to the daylight police robbers to earn their peaceful living. 

Has the #PrimeMinisterofIndia got any plans to deal with this kind of organized crime being perpetrated by the police in his own constituency # Varanasi? Even if he has a plan it does not reflect so far in the priority list of his ‘Man ki Baat’.

Hence, PM’s reference to corruption sounds like a mere rhetoric. Although he has declared almost a war on the contractors what about the war on those who are sitting in the garb of a senior division or lower division clerk or a peon in any government office and yet acting only as ‘dalals’.   

Without sounding cynical even though every public welfare scheme that has been announced by PM every scheme hasn’t taken off in a big way for the ultimate beneficiary because it lacks tight ground implementation. The implementation of such good schemes has been left to the mercy of lower bureaucracy and they have only one motto whether it will grease their palms. No bank ever provides loan of any kind pro bono. Has the PM laid out path for corruption free disbursements of money?  No.

Will #ThePrimeministerofIndia share his plan of action for fighting against these termites– read the lower bureaucracy. I still want to believe that the PM must have a plan but when it will be used to the advantage of common man is anybody’s guess.

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