By Alok Verma

Holi and cricket match got over. I hope the issue of Nirbhaya returns for some substantive outcome. Last almost three years Nirbhaya didn’t dominate India’s conscience — the political class, civil society and the media.

Thanks to the documentary #India’sDaughter the national conscience got pricked once again for a debate. We are good at it and can spend hours for doing nothing but finding all faults. So, the ‘pricking’ as expected created pro-documentary group in the name of freedom of expression and the anti-documentary group in the name of cultural protectors. What else does Media require when you have two groups ready to fight in studios brandishing knives at each other.

Disgusting arguments to dirty mindset were at a display across spectrum to score selfish motives. No one was ready to accept downright ills that shockingly exist in the India social mindset. None had a plan including the social, political and other intelligentsia to fight the mindset collectively. I am personally and professionally aware of views and opinions that exist in relation to the gender bias in our certain classes both well off and not so well off — economically and intellectually. I am making this remark with utmost responsibility.

Don’t we need as a nation a much bigger fight against the shameful and disgusting social mindset towards women in India than fighting the British documentary maker? At least she could bring to the fore the real issue that we are afraid to discuss till she compelled us to recognize.

Like PM’s ‘Swachch Bharat’ is there a way to start ‘Swachch Mindset’ programme that we as an individual and conscience citizen own to do something much more positive? Together we can isn’t it?

I will make sure I do something.

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