By Alok Verma

In my view people of this country are ready to believe and lend credibility to‪#‎PrimeMinisterModi‬‘s assurances and promises but they suspect every member of his Cabinet on honesty and their words. In today’s radio broadcast ‪#‎NarendraModi‬ had to reiterate his resolve to the issue of black money knowing well that all clarifications made by ‪#‎BJPspokespersons‬ and other Cabinet ministers including ‪#‎ArunJaitley‬ earlier didn’t cut much ice with citizens. 

But what is quite disturbing is the modified version of #NarendraModi on black money. All his speeches during election should be replayed by all‪#‎Indiannewschannels‬ today where #NarendraModi was confidently quoting astronomical figures of black money stashed out in Swiss banks. But today he sounded defeated and climbed down from his earlier position. Today he has communicated to the nation that do not hold high hopes on the return of money as it might be as low as Rs 5. What has amazed me most is his clean chit to the ‪#‎UPAGovernment‬ by saying that even the earlier government also was not aware. #NarendraModi should be politely asked why was he then making tall claims and misleading the nation? He surely owes an explanation to the nation.

In spite of all this while Modi seemingly enjoys trust of people his Cabinet colleagues frankly fall short of it by yards. Prime Minister Modi should be a worried man. We will have to wait for his next broadcast whether he would make a reference on his Cabinet colleagues and appeals to them to enhance their levels of credibility in the eyes of people through their actions and conduct. Else, PM will have to keep playing Captain’s knock all the time.

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