At many news organizations the role of  “social media” has acquired an important status. Many editors in progressive newsrooms have begun to think about social sharing while assigning stories. Reporters are being encouraged to use social channels to find sources and confirm leads. Editorial web designers constantly incorporate social media buttons and widgets to optimize pages for social search. Lastly, sales people have been increasingly  pushing to sell brands around sizable social audiences that are growing silently.

As more and more people are turning to social networks to spread and consume news, progressive newsroom editors will have to assign a bigger role for identifying misinformation and at the same time eliminating the spread of erroneous reports during the big news breaks. The only way it is possible when  newsrooms will begin to involve community moderators and train them to collaborate with them for weeding out erroneous leads and information.

As we are witnessing revolution of smart devices news organizations are being compelled to integrate mobile engagement in their content strategy. In a way it is already happening as smart devices have become important tools for news staffers to rush on-the-spot content to newsrooms.

Social media has really revolutionized the way we do journalism in the last few years and the mobile has played a very significant role in enhancing the engagement. Already, a big part of our social traffic comes from the mobile devices.

I think the time has come when progressive newsrooms will have to come out of their comfort zone by expanding their focus on mobile engagement, multimedia innovation and real-time news to survive in the fast growing digital world.

By: Alok Verma

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